Cake print

think it’s time to restore my previous job for cake print.
The print can be purchased for 50 baht incl. shipping
You send an email with an attached image you want the printout.
It will be sent by default by default.
EMS will cost 25 baht extra.

A printed cake consists of 3 layers of cake buns
Bottom bottom: Vanilla Cream and Bananas
Middle bottom: Raspberries marmalade
Upper bottom: White glaze with print
Then spray with meringue foam and lightly burn with a bundle burner.
The price is 350 baht. + packing and shipping.

lagkagebunde 3 made 150 baht.
Cake print 40 baht.

Special order: offers are offered.

If you do not send cakes by mail, order a cake with print, pick up your cake in the bakery.
If the cake is only coated with chocolate, it is possible to get it sent by bus.
See picture below.


Gallery of different cakes over time.



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