Category: Updates from The Bakery

Trans Fat

Tuesday The. On 17 July, 2561 the Thai Government agreed that all products containing trans fat would be banned in Thailand. You have 180 days until December 23rd to get rid of all these products. i.e. All food stores must have it sold out in that date. I have taken the step and skipped all …

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Cake print

think it’s time to restore my previous job for cake print. The print can be purchased for 50 baht incl. shipping You send an email with an attached image you want the printout. It will be sent by default by default. EMS will cost 25 baht extra. A printed cake consists of 3 layers …

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Updates to the offline orderformular

There is a new update to the offline orderformular…   20-06-2018

Offline orderlist

I have prepared a document with almost all of the products in the bakery. The order list is a coded Excel document ie It cannot be changed in the data that is encoded. I recommend if you want to use the new offline system that you order from the gallery that comes with. It is …

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